People Who Want Better Health, Wellness, and Fitness Come to Me to Create

Permanent lifestyle changeS

Without Letting Their Family, Work, and Social Life Fall Apart.

You're a business owner, entrepreneur, or driven professional who wants to be fit, healthy, and able to cope with life's stresses without letting things slip.

You may have a history of failed attempts at changing your habits.

You might struggle to say "no" to work demands.

Perhaps you find it hard to carve time out for yourself.

It could be skipping meals and workouts because of work pressure or stress.

Your health may be going down a road your don't like and you can't stay consistent.

Whatever is going on, I want you to know that success is possible.

Your dreams of working out regularly & eating healthier are not a far fetched idea. They can be achieved.

Performing at work becomes driven by the lifestyle you live outside of work.

It all starts with standing up for what matters to you so you move in the direction you want.

I help you do that.

MY 3-Step Lifestyle Change Framework




When you take what science has shown to work reliably, pair it with the motivation that arises from within you, and propel your actions with a set of skills proven to change behavior, you have the three components necessary to build the lifestyle of your dreams, without letting everything else fall apart.


You aspire to be really successful in business or excel in your career. You know your health and lifestyle are crucially important to your long-term success and happiness. You believe in developing your abilities by applying yourself in the most effective ways.

Ready to get started?

Choose your path to success below:

Team Lifestyle Coaching

Your journey can be that bit easier when you team up with a partner who wants to make similar lifestyle changes as you. The Team Lifestyle program makes use of this principle to help maximize your success.

Individual Lifestyle Coaching

My flagship program designed to teach you exactly what you need to focus on and to begin developing your personal ability to change your own exercise, eating, sleep, and stress habits in 8 weeks.

Lifestyle CHANGE Workshops

Tailormade workshops educate you and your organization on the principles of changing your health-related lifestyle habits. Hosted in-person or virtually these workshops provide practical steps to begin making changes.


A class-A professional. Always on-time, never late, very communicative, and very supportive. My health and wellness have improved significantly since I started working with Diarmuid. Worth the investment, full-stop!!

Reid S.

As a coach, Diarmuid is a great combo of knowledge, encouragement & understanding. He has really helped me learn how to make small changes in order to create lasting habits. Like many people, I have tried many things to lose weight, this feels different. I am losing weight, but it is in a repeatable way that feels good and lasting. 

Patrick D.

In my phone, I really need to rename Diarmuid: Google/emotional support person because losing weight was way more of an emotional experience then I've anticipated and having him speak logically to me in illogical moments has been crucial.

Aleisha B.


In 2014, with my undergraduate degree in athletic training and my master's degree in food & nutritional science, I made the choice to leave an elite sporting career behind me and move to the United States to teach people how to successfully change their health-related lifestyle.

The approach I use is really quite simple. What's better, it's incredibly effective because it is steeped in evidence-based science proven over decades of research.